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Seal t-shirt by Victor Sepulveda

Here is a sample of my caricature skills. I originally did this piece for a t-shirt design on photoshop with the outline on illustrator to keep it sharp and clean. I like the detail on the face and the whiskers as well as the fur.


Shark by Sepulveda

T-shirt design by Victor Sepulveda

This is a t-shirt design I did a couple of years ago. It was done mostly in photoshop. I had a lot of fun drawing the dog and doing research for the shield and swords. I wanted to show a lot of detail so it was time well spent, in my opinion.

T-shirt design by Victor Sepulveda

Here’s a t-shirt design I did last year that was originally for O range County Chopper s but for some reason they made me change the name to American Chopper. I was very happy with the results of this, that’s why I decided to post it. The image in the middle is the Chest piece, which I did using some of the same elements, and on the bottom is a close up of the back design.

Day of the Dead skulls

Here are some samples of skull sketches along with a vector illustration I did for the Lowrider Arte, Day of the Dead issue back in 2008.

Furia Azteca by Sepulveda

Originally done as a Corel Painter Study, this is one of Victor Sepulveda’s first digital Illustrations.

Azteca painting by Sepulveda

This Mural was done on the hood of a car ┬áin 2000, back when I used to do a lot of Lowriders. I put my little twist on Helgueras’ classic painting. I enjoyed working on this painting very much. The colors are very vibrant compared to the earth tones I tend to use in my more recent work.