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Sepulveda Dali

New Illustration of one my favorite artists, Salvador Dali. done with Photoshop


New Shirt design.

I’m thinking of making this t-shirt design from the illustration I made a couple of weeks ago. The writing still needs some work, but I’d like to hear opinions…

Calaverita Cutie

This is a reworked piece I did in Photoshop. I painted over an old airbrush painting of mine. I’m thinking of making prints out of this piece.


Hear no Evil, Sepulveda style…

Photoshop Illustration with a “Day of the Dead” theme. This will be part of Illustration with two more faces (Speak no Evil and See no Evil)

Pedro Armendariz

Portrait of Mexican Actor Pedro Armendariz. Airbrushed on Canvas in 1996

Stone pin-up by Victor Sepulveda

This Airbrushed mural was done on a hood for a live painting at the Orange County Fair in 2005, it was finished in one weekend, about 12 hours of work. I did three other ones, one with the theme of water and another one of fire. I’ll post them up soon.

Wave mural by Sepulveda